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Devon Riesling


This entry-level Riesling is a Cuvée made from early harvests in our 5 steep-slope vineyards. We believe the success of this wine, our most popular, is a consistent, well-balanced, dry to off-dry wine with pleasant mineral qualities.  A fresh, delicate Riesling with a sparkling, balanced acidity and mineral quality.  

Fermentation:  50% in oak fuders, 50% in stainless-steel- vintage dependant.

Bottling:  Late Spring

Dry to Off-Dry.  Drink early.

Trarbacher Prädikat “M”


A departure from the dry to half-dry orientation of contemporary Böcking wines, our Prädikat line is a tribute to our Mosel past:  Rich, fruity wines made from late-harvest grapes and nurtured in oak barrels.  These wines come from the Burgberg and Schlossberg vineyards and, depending on the harvest, are made into classic Kabinett, Spätlese, and Auslese editions.


Riesling Pradikatswein, Mosel

100% healthy, ripe grapes from the 2nd picking

Yield:  Approximately 50 hl/ha

Vineyard Classification:  Grand Cru

Fermentation:  100% in Mosel barrels

Bottling:  August

Long storage potential

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