The cornerstone of the Böcking family’s legendary influence on the towns of Traben and Trarbach was laid in 1623 with the founding of the Böcking Trade and Exchange Company. Wine trading in Trarbach flourished until the end of the 19th Century when the town was the second largest wine trading port in Europe, next to Bordeaux. In the early years of the same century, the Böckings also made their decision to focus on vineyards and winemaking, thereby becoming prominent in this realm.

The Reawakening of a Renowned Mosel Winery

One hundred percent:

Riesling, Steep Slopes, Slate, Tradition, and Passion


Over the past almost 400 years, the Böcking family cultivated vineyards on the steep slopes of the village of Trarbach.  Today this legacy includes four nearly forgotten top-class vineyards with non-grafted vines, many of them 40 to 80 years old.  Beginning in 2011, these parcels underwent a renewal based on biodynamic cultivation principles, while at the same time, ownership of the estate shifted to a new generation of Böckings. 


These vineyard parcels, including the prized Ungsberg and Schlossberg, were listed on the oldest known official land maps prepared in the late 19th Century.  It is with hard work and passion that the new Böcking generation renews production from these old sites, in keeping with the long and impressive tradition of the Böcking family wines.

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